The B vitamins are so important.
They are all called ‘co-enzymes,’ so all the enzyme assisted reactions in the body are B Vitamin dependant. 3000 enzymatic reactions occur in the body every second!

When we are stressed, our need for the B Vitamins increases dramatically.

The B Vitamins we get in our food all need to be activated to become bio-available. This requires good stomach function (which Alice will check and correct). Then, to activate the B Vitamins you require enzymes!

Most of the B vitamins available for sale are not activated, so when you take them, if you can’t activate them in your body, you lose them in your urine. A waste of money and stressful for the kidneys!

Why Supplement with Vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2, in its active (usable form) is called Riboflavin-5-Phosphate (R-5-P).
Vitamin B2 is one of the 8 water-soluble vitamins, which means that the body can’t store it. It has to be replaced all the time, and excess is excreted in the urine.

B2 has many, many functions; firstly, it plays a part in the Krebs (Energy production cycle) so we need it to make energy. Its affect on energy is so strong that we take it in the morning because it can keep us awake if we take even one drop at night.

B2 also contributes to the maintenance of red blood cells through haemoglobin synthesis. So B2 improves iron absorption and deficiency of B2 can be a cause of anaemia.

B2 contributes to the maintenance and healing of the skin and the mucus membranes so deficiency might reveal itself as sores at the corners of the mouth.

B2 is required for Glutathione production (Glutathione is worth researching, as it is the most powerful anti-oxidant made by the body. See my writings about ‘Glutathione’).

B2 protects the lens of the eye from oxidative stress and decreases cataract formation. Deficiency can causes conjunctivitis and vascularisation of the cornea and opacity of the lens of the eye.

B2 is required for the production of Vitamin B6, which among many other things is essential in recycling Homocystein, a highly toxic intermediate product of liver function (See my writings on Homocystein). Every tissue uses B6; it is required for proper absorption of B12 and Magnesium. B6 is a very important vitamin and relies on B2 for its synthesis.

B2 supports us to methylate and detoxify. (See my writings on Methylation, a concept you are sure to learn more about!)

B2 is often deficient in people who are depressed, and can make a world of difference to people with thyroid problems.
A common symptom of B2 deficiency is a twitching muscle in the eye-lid.
B2 is required as a co-enzyme that assists an enzyme called ‘Acetylcholine Esterse’. It breaks down Acetyl choline. Acetyl choline is responsible for muscle contraction, so if it isn’t broken down with the help of B2, muscles contract when they shouldn’t!

B2 is also required for normal functioning of the nervous system and has a role to play in breaking down all the neurotransmitters- Nor-adrenalin, Dopamine, Seratonin and Histamine.

-One of the consequences of Nor-adrenalin failing to be broken down is that people get stuck in fight or flight, also known as sympathetic function or stress, a disaster for health.

-Lack of Seratonin breakdown is a common cause of the vasodilation of blood vessels in the brain causing migraine headaches.

-The consequence of Histamine not being broken down in is chronic allergic reactions and multiple chemical and food sensitivities.

Symptoms of B2 Deficiency
– Fatigue
– Muscle twitching
– Gritty eyes
– Bloodshot eyes
– Photophobia (sensitivity to light)
– Sores at the corner of the mouth
– Decreased sensitivity to touch
Alcohol reduces the bioavailability and absorption of B2.

At Your Family Chiropractor we provide the purest Vitamins available, Supplied by Pure Heath Solutions and made by Metagenics. All the vitamins I sell are in their Active form so they are bioavailable and contain nothing but the vitamin itself. They are liquid, get stored in the fridge and we simply add them to water.

It is prescribed as one, two or three drops only per day only. It is very potent and bight yellow. It is absorbed best with food.

Any questions or concerns, please contact Dr Alice