HI, I’m Dr Alice Mitchell-Taverner. I am a family chiropractor, passionate, caring and fully qualified and registered working in Mullumbimby.

I provide comprehensive, personalized care plans for people who are willing to do what it takes to achieve their health goals. I’m interested in resolving the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction.

I am certified in ‘Applied Kinesiology’; a body of knowledge reserved only for health professionals with a science degree in anatomy and physiology. As such I use nutrition to support healthy function and can help you discover any food intolerances or toxicity issues you may have.

I am also certified in ‘Network Spinal Analysis’, a technique that encourages the body to dissipate tension and recover from stress. I prefer to work in a gentle way, encouraging the body to establish alignment and optimum function rather than forcing change. I have spent the last 15 years of my practice helping thousands people recover from stress.

As an adolescent I was an elite athlete and I am a trained as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, so when it comes to structure, fitness, function and alignment, I have lots of experience.

I am a mother of three fantastic children. My daughter had learning difficulties, which inspired me to learn all that I could to help her. Now she is ‘bright as a button’, and my practice has lots of children like her getting help to resolve learning and behavior disorders.

Every day I see people of all ages, with a huge range of symptoms and health challenges. I am forever studying and doing research, so I have a lot to share. I am a valuable resource!

I love to assist people to recover from acute pain and chronic illness. I am the long-term healthcare provider for many families, always there for support and advice…

With me, you are in good hands.

Dr Alice