What is Methylation

Methylation is a biochemical process that occurs in every cell, in every organ, billions of times every second!

This chemical process occurs when any molecule passes a methyl group (one Carbon linked to three Hydrogens) to another molecule.

It is central to our physical health and our mental well-being. Methylation repairs your DNA, keeps inflammation in check, helps maintain a stable mood and most importantly it replenishes the compounds needed for detoxification.

Methylation controls energy production in the cell, it affects the production of neurotransmitters, it’s required for glutathione production (see my writings on ‘Glutathione’) so it’s essential for anti-oxidant recycling.

Very importantly Methylation regulates gene expression; it controls the turning on and off of genes!  When a methyl group binds to a gene it changes the way it expresses itself. (See my writings on Epigenetics – the modification of genes by alterating environmental influences).

Many things affect how well we methylate – Our genetics and our diet and lifestyle/environment.