Intergative Neuro-Immunology

Intergative Neuro-Immunology is a holistic approach to helping people become resoundingly well, with an emphasis on improving Nervous System and Immune function, which also affects our structure and biochemistry.

Neuro-Immunology is an advanced AK course open to those who are certified in Applied Kinesiology. There are only 5 practitioners of Integrative Neuro-Immunology certified in Australia, Alice is the only one north of Sydney.

Its amazing how often, when people get well from the inside out, how the symptoms they thought were purely mechanical, resolve for good. From my clinical experience I estimate that around 70% of people’s body pain comes from problems with their physiology.

We run people with complex health conditions through a protocol where we initially we focus on the Adrenal System (The HPA-Axis), then we improve the regulation of blood sugars if required, through improving pancreatic function.

After that we investigate the metabolism of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) and we then we can improve the hormone pathways using biochemistry.  We sometimes also need to resolve nutritional deficiencies and toxic metal excesses.

Some patients have developed a ‘Leaky Gut’ (inflammation of the gut causing too much intestinal permeability). We can repair leaky organ barriers by investigating antibody reactions, which are often caused by Food Intolerances.

The upshot of all this is that when our Nervous System is overwhelmed by the stressors of life, the Immune system is compromised. And after addressing the issues mentioned above, the body should no longer driving physiological stress. At this point the Immune System begins to thrive and we can finally resolve long term infections that are known to dys-regulate the immune system, which may also have caused cause aberrant neural function. Parasites are a good example.

We also address the thyroid, the jaw, the Vagal System (the Para-Sympathetic Nervous System) and Mitochondrial Dysfunction, so you can eat, digest and burn energy appropriately. I have so much to share and all the research is available on this web site.

Integrative neuro-immunlogy

We are all different; we all have complicated health histories and unique traumas, stressors and injuries.

So at Your Family Chiropractor we can tailor a patient’s care to their individual needs really well.

If you would like to be taken through this life changing protocol, resolving the issues that have held you back, prepare to get well!

There is a lot to learn and I am a passionate educator. My patients say that discovering learning some simple physiology in the room with me, actually helped them get and stay excited about the changes we may needed to make. The learning also develops your prefrontal cortex, which calms down the amygdala (one of the drivers of stress) and helps your brain work better. You will notice the difference!

Luckily I’m also a keen foodie, (I love food! Cooking, preparing and sharing recipes), because sometimes we need to alter our relationship with food, and the types of food we eat as well as the time of day that we consume them.

The protocol is not without its challenges, (for example we can feel tired when we have a die-off of fungus), but it has already transformed the lives of hundreds and hundreds of patients. I feel privileged to offer it to this community.

I thank my mentors Dr. Trent Banks, Dr Trevor Checutti and Dr Nischal Singh (dentist and Oro-Facial Pain specialist).

The nearest practitioners using Neuro-Immunology are in Sydney and Melbourne. If you need a referral for a friend or family member let us know.