1. Your Cortisol Test results

You had HIGH levels of Cortisol and HIGH or NORMAL DHEA.

Cortisol is the stress hormone that causes havoc in your system when it stays high for too long. It damages the Hippocampus which is like the thermostat that should turn the stress response off. Right now your stress response is ‘locked on’. It upsets blood sugar regulation, makes it hard to sleep and drives anxiety and the death of your brain cells by over stimulating them.

We call this situation ‘overstimulated’. Our job is to calm your adrenals and remove your stresses. Sometimes these might include sleep deprivation, stimulant use or overtraining. Sometimes the thing that is driving you to be overstimulated is food intolerances and sometimes it’s infection. Often it is a combination of these.

In order to help you no longer be overstimulated, we will need to stabilise your blood sugars with a low GI diet. We will do a Carbohydrate Tolerance Test and find out exactly how much sugar and carbs you can cope with. For this you will need to learn how Insulin causes problems for you.

The Pregnenalone Steal

You body is just beginning the ‘Pregnenalone Steal’ This means that your body will soon be sacrificing making sex hormones in order to produce cortisol.

Your body is so intent on making cortisol in response to the ‘tiger at the door’ (whether the stress is infection, life stress or poor diet), that if nothing changes you may end up with low DHEA (we call this the hormone of youth).

We make Testosterone (which gives us energy, drive to get things done as well as sex drive) from DHEA, so as the production of DHEA reduces, so does Testosterone.

We also reduce our production of the other sex hormone called Estrogen. (Yes even in men). But the end result is usually HIGH Estrogen, not low, because under the influence of high Cortisol the liver has become a sugar-making factory and can no longer detoxify and eliminate Estrogen.

In men high Estrogen adds weight like love handles and ‘man boobs’. In women high estrogen makes the breasts sore, changes the menstrual cycle and caused PMT. In both men and women high Estrogen drives anxiety.



To reduce your Estrogen we add oil to our high fibre meals – butter to oats, olive oil, flax, sunflower oil to vegies. We add psyllium husks, and chew flax seeds. For some people Ashwaganda is great too.

My jobs include supporting your Hippocampus. We will find out if you have food intolerances upsetting the Barrier Protection Systems that should be protecting your organs and advise you how to remedy the situation. We will also see if you have infections driving your Cortisol.

You also need to support your own Hippocampus by going for a walk for 20 minutes every day. I’m serious about this. I can’t help you if you won’t exercise. We will also do some brain retraining Hippocampus regenerating.

You will need to use Cordyceps and Rhodiola and if you can’t sleep Phosphatidle Serine at night.

You may be pyroluric which means that until we have resolved the HPA axis we need to use some vitamins and good oils to support you to get well fast.

In six months, if you have been able to co-operate with all this we will re do the Cortisol Test. I look forward to seeing a normal Cortisol Rhythm and seeing your symptoms resolve.