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Please Note Alice is no longer working as a chiropractor, however still offers total care when it comes to your health.

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If you are in crisis send a text titled SOS to 0413 249 163 and if I can help you, I will respond swiftly.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

How can I get Medicare rebates?2018-09-06T08:13:14+10:00

If you have a Medicare card and a chronic muskulo-sleletal issue lasting more than 6 months, you will most likely be eligible for a Care Plan (also called an EPC) from your GP.

Simply ask your doctor for a care plan and detail the chronicity of your symptoms. They will give you a piece of paper to bring to us with the number of subsidised visits on it.

Once you have had your appointment with Alice, you will pay in full, then we can rebate you $52.95 on the spot, directly back into your savings or check account. Make sure you bring your Medicare card with you.

The doctor will help you decide which practitioners you want to see and for how many visits. Most patients come with 5 visits and the next Calendar year you may be eligible for 5 more.

Is Alice a Chiropractor or a Kinesiologist?2018-09-06T08:15:38+10:00

Alice is both a Chiropractor and one of the tools that assists her to discover how to help you most effectively is Applied Kinesiology.

Alice had also studied regular kinesiology (Touch For Health), however Applied Kinesiology is a field of study only available to those with a degree in Applied science, majoring in Anatomy and Physiology. This allows Alice the ability to assess complex neurological and biochemical problems with the highest level of scientific understanding. Alice is certified to the highest level in Applied Kinesiology. She is always studying and bringing the latest research into the practice to help her patients.

What will happen at my first appointment?2018-09-06T08:16:39+10:00

Alice will take your history and (with your clothes on), assess almost 100 of the muscles that are involved with standing, walking and sitting. She will determine how to be most helpful to you, and you will gain understanding about the way your nervous system co-ordinates your muscles and how physiological problems can manifest as musckulo-skeletal problems.

You can decide if Alice is the right practitioner for you and she can determine if she is the right practitioner for you. If not she will refer you to the best person for your condition.

We work together with integrative medical practitioners and integrative, wholistic dentists, as well as the very best chiropractors, masseurs and therapists.

Alice will then probably make some gentle structural corrections, explaining exactly what she is doing. Her first priority will be normalise your neurology and improve your structural biomechanics.

She is PASSIONATE about improving function of the feet first; Getting you well from the bottom, up!

If you are interested, in that first session we can also let you know what she discovers about your physiological health, including Adrenal health, Gastro-intestinal health, Liver health, reproductive Pancreatic health, Cranial problems, TMJ function, Gait (walking) issues, Nutrient deficiencies and Food Intolerances.

Understand that if Alice suspects that physiological issues are causing your symptoms, she will then give you a more comprehensive health history form for you to bring to your next session.

If you have blood test results, X rays or take supplements, please bring them in with you.


Can I use my health insurance?2018-03-02T12:07:41+10:00

Yes, at Your Family Chiropractor we accept all Health Insurance Cards. Ensure that you have selected extras and included chiropractic. When you swipe your card we simply charge you the difference!

How many appointments will I need?2018-03-02T12:09:00+10:00

At Your Family Chiropractor we understand that we are all different, so how many sessions you will need will depend on what is going on for you.

If you simply want a structural correction for a new problem, this may take 1-3 sessions.

If you have a more complicated health history, you may choose to be in care fortnightly for several months.

Once you are feeling great, you may even choose to get your spine checked once a month.

How much you want to invest in your health is always your decision.

Will the chiropractor ‘crack my neck’?2018-09-06T08:14:40+10:00

Unless you specifically want Alice to manually adjust your neck, she probably won’t.
There are so many ways to resolve pain and dysfunction, here at Your Family Chiropractor we usually choose the most gentle non invasive techniques. Our focus is both on muscles and neurology.

She definitely will not manually adjust your pelvis.
She will instead resolve the underlying cause of your pelvic issue.

About Our Practice

Dr Alice is committed to helping you find your way back to radiant good health. Together she will work with you to find the optimum program that encourages your bodies journey to wellness and vitality.