My name is Dr Alice Mitchell-Taverner I have a kinesiology practice in Mullumbimby in the beautiful Byron Shire. I hope you enjoy my blog posts as I share some of my insights and knowledge of the human body and the human being.

I’m a passionate educator, and love to help people take an active role in their care so this web site is full of  information.

I believe that when we change our diet or lifestyle or add a supplement to our diet we need to understand why we are doing it. So I invite you to use this site to become informed about health, vitamins, minerals and diet. I have also included easy to understand explanations of the common ailments that I regularly see.

I am an Applied Kinesiologist, having studied Professional Kinesiology as well as Chiropractic Applied Kinesiology. I am also a chiropractor, fully qualified and registered with a passion for gentle musculoskeletal work and discovering the underlying cause of people’s symptoms.

I am certified in Network Spinal Analysis which is a chiropractic technique that gently helps people recover from stress so I am passionate about adrenal health and the HPA Axis. I am also certified in Applied Kinesiology; a body of knowledge reserved only for health professionals with a science degree in anatomy and physiology.

I prefer to work in a gentle way, encouraging the body to establish alignment and optimum function rather than forcing change.

I was an elite athlete for many years and I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, so when it comes to structure, function and alignment, I am a valuable resource.

I am a mother of three fantastic children. Every day I see people of all ages, with a huge range of symptoms and health challenges. I am forever studying and doing research, so I have a lot to share. I love to  assist people to recover from chronic illness, and be the the long term healthcare provider for families, always there to support you and your family.

With me, you are in good hands.