Your investment

Initial appointment               $145

At your initial appointment we will assess the function of nearly 100 muscles and assess the overall health of your physiology. It is a 60-minute appointment

30-minute appointment     $120

15-minute appointment      $85

Medicare now subsidises chiropractic care! See below for details.

We do have a missed appointment fee of 25% which goes to a charity.

We accept Care Plans (EPS’s), and Health Insurance but not TAC or DVA claims.

All fees are due on the day of service.

Presently Medicare Care Plans (EPC’s) are paid for on the day of service and the rebate ($52.95) is put immediately into your bank.

We charge a $20 admin fee for care plans as Alice writes two detailed letters to your doctor as part of her agreement to participate in shared care.

Alice’s work is covered by Health Insurance.

Chronic back pain

Medicare subsidises chiropractic care

Do you have a chronic musculo-skeletal problem?

You may be eligible for nearly $300 worth of chiropractic care each year.

Simply ask your GP for a Care Plan to come and see Alice Mitchell-Taverner, and bring the paperwork into the office at your first appointment.

If you have any difficulties, please ask us to refer you to one of the amazing GP’s who understand the value of our work.

If you are indigenous you are eligible for 10 subsidised sessions per year. Ask us for more information.

*Note Care Plans are also sometimes called an EPC’s

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