Cilantro (Corriander)

Cilantro has been used since Roman times. It is a powerful anti-oxidant.

Naturopaths use it to prevent cardiovascular damage, to assist people with anxiety, to support blood sugar balance, to improve sleep quality, and as an anti bacterial and anti fungal agent.

At Your Family Chiropractor we use Cilantro as a liquid herbal preparation. It is also Biofilm disruptor and it chelates heavy metals and toxic chemicals. When given at the right time, it helps us improve our neurology.

For example, bacteria in the mouth live in biofilms (slimy igloos, for want to a more scientific description!) When we want to restore the health of the mouth by reducing the proliferation of bacteria, we need to destroy the biofilm. We sometimes use Cilantro to do this.

Because Cilantro is also a powerful chelator, sometimes we need to ensure that in case viruses, bacteria or fungus are being released from the biofilm, it is wise to support the liver with vitamins and minerals and the immune system with herbs, all at the same time.

If Dr Alice has given you Cilantro as well as vitamins, minerals and herbs, please ensure that you always take them at the same time, and if you lose or run out of the anti-pathogenic herb, you don’t take Cilantro without it!

The dose we use is ten drops 1 x a day